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Diamond Dotz, An affordable way to create upcyled décor pieces.

Diamond Dotz are an easy an affordable way to upcycle your old or used glass décor pieces. with a few basic supplies, as Mod Podge and a brush or sponge applicator, you can change any piece into a stunning home accent.

The Diamond Dotz used for my projects can be purchased here:
Diamond Dotz Freestyle Resign Dotz.
You can also purchase Diamond Dotz from other retailers or directly from the manufacturer.

The Acrylic paint used in this DIY can be purchased here:
Treasure Gold Pink Zircon Paint by Plaid.
There are many other brands available. Most can be found with a Google search or on Amazon.

The Blush Pink Diamond | How to Use Diamond Dotz

Before you began this DIY, you will want to gather your materials listed below. You may also want to take precautions when working with Mod Podge, as you should with any crafting material. The material is safe to handle, per the company's safty data sheet. However, you may still want to be sure that you are working in a well ventilated area, and that you wear a mask, and gloves, and protective eyewear. Also be sure to cover your working surface with a disposable drop cloth or paper.

  • Diamond Dots No. 7005 (1 to 2 containers per vase)
  • Treasure Gold Pink Zircon Paint by Plaid (or the shade of your choice)
  • A Good Quality Acrylic Brush for the paint, and a brush or sponge applicator for the Mod Podge. (Paint remover is not needed as this paint, and the other materials are easy to clean up with soap and water)
  • Mod Podge (Gloss)
  • Alcohol, Paper Towels
  • Gloves, a Mask and Protective Eyewear
  • Glass Vases in the shapes that suite your style (see the photo for shape ideas if you are making a vanity set)

Start by cleaning all of your pieces with alcohol, making sure they are completely dry. After your pieces are dry, shake or stir your paint until it is adequately mixed. (be sure that you are wearing your proactive gear before opening the paint)
Apply the paint in steady even strokes until the surfaces are completely covered. Do not over load the paint in this first coat. Even coverage is more important than thick coverage to obtain a nice end result. Remember to keep your stokes as even as possible and, continue to brush in the same direction as much as possible.
Air dry your pieces for at least 3 hours (5 to 6 hours is best) and then apply a second, and third coat if needed. Allow at least 2 to 3 hours of drying time between each coat. (be sure to wash your brushes/brushes with soap and water so that you can reuse them for another project)
Allow the piece to dry overnight or at least 12 hours before beginning the Diamond Dotz process.
The Diamond Dotz Process
After the paint is dry, you can now began the Diamond Dotz process. For this part of the process you will need gloves, the foam applicator or a brush, and a plastic container may be helpful to catch the Diamond Dotz that fall off and make them easier to apply.
Starting at the bottom of your first vase, begin to coat the vase one section at a time with the Mod Podge. It should go on thick, but not so thick that it will not adhere to the painted surface of the vase. After each section is coated, begin placing the Dotz on the vase or piece by shaking them on in a random pattern.
Repeat these steps until the painted surface of the vase is covered in Dotz (be sure some of the paint is still showing through.) Once you are happy with the look, let the piece dry again over night.
Once the Mod Pode is dry, you can come back and apply a light coat of Mod Podge (use a light hand) on top of the Dotz to lock them in place if you like. If you do add a sealing layer, let the pieces dry again for at least 3 hours before adding additional embellishments, or use your new vase/vases just as they are! To learn how to make the Lids and the Vanity Mirror depicted in the photo or to watch a video demonstrating these steps in more detail click here to watch:
Blush Pink Vase and High End DIY Candle Holders On You Tube