img September, 2021

Gilding Paint, An affordable way to create upcyled decor pieces.

Gilding paint is an easy an affordable way to upcycle your old or used glass decor pieces. with a few basic supplies, such as masking tape, alcohol and a good brush, you can change any piece into a stunning home accent.

The gilding paint that I prefer to use for my projects is Craft Smart Premium Gilding Paint by Michaels. There are many other brands available, most can be found with a Google search or on Amazon.

DIY Gold Leaf Vase | How to Paint on Glass

Before you began this DIY, you want to gather your materials listed below. You also wanted to take the following precautions as this paint can be toxic and the fumes are quite strong. Make sure that you are working in a well ventilated area, and that you wear a mask, gloves, and protective eyewear. Also be sure to cover your working surface with a disposable drop cloth.

  • Gilding Paint (Brass or Gold)
  • A Good Quality Brush, and Paint Remover to Clean Your Brush
  • Painter's Tape, Alcohol, Paper Towels
  • Gloves, Mask and Protective Eyewear
  • Glass Vase of Your Choice

Start by cleaning all of your pieces with alcohol and then dry them. Tape off your design, making sure that you have placed the tape evenly, and in a pattern that you can follow with your brush.
After your design has been taped off, shake or stir your paint until it is adequately mixed. (be sure that you are wearing your proactive gear before opening the paint) Apply the paint in steady even strokes until the surfaces (follow your design pattern) are completely covered.
Air dry your pieces for at least one hour (2 to 3 hours is best) and then touch up if needed.
After touching up or applying a second coat (wait another 1 to 2 hours and then slowly and carefully remove the tape. Use a damp q-tip to clean up your edges if you need to.
 Allow the piece to dry for 24 hours and you can then add additional embellishments, or use your new vase just as it is!
 If you would like to see this entire process, including adding embellishments, click here: DIY Gold Leaf Vase | How to Paint on Glass on YouTube.